Broke With Expensive Taste? Expert Tips for Men on How to Get the Luxury Shoe Look on a Budget

What Are Some Sneaker Styles That Look Elevated and Are Versatile?

“Adidas is a classic, versatile brand. They have comfort running sneakers, fashion sneakers and clean, simple styles like Stan Smiths that can be worn as street style or corporate,” Cole recommended.

“I am really loving the statement socks trend which pairs perfectly back to any shoe silhouette a man chooses,” said Sereno. “It’s a perfect way to dress up a casual look and make it a bit more special.”

What Are Trends to Stay Away From?

“The dad shoe trend. I don’t think it works on everyone. I’ve seen some men wear it and really pull it off, but on others it’s exaggerated size just looks too big and chunky and to be quiet honest, ridiculous,” Sereno said.

“Trendy synthetic or of-the-moment colors might look luxurious for a week, but it’s very much disposable in the long run,” Silver added. “I’ve bought trendy shoes in the last decade, but the core is pretty classic.”


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