Broke With Expensive Taste? Expert Tips for Men on How to Get the Luxury Shoe Look on a Budget

What Makes a Shoe Look Cheap?

“Stay away from shinty materials (shiny pleather), glitter canvas, especially on an expensive shoe it screams cheapy, cheapy,” Cole advised. Only high-end quality monkstraps look amazing. When they attempt to make them at low cost they look cheap.”

Silver added that you should stay away from “ridiculous materials like metallic glitter or colors that are extremely disposable in trend. It’s about careful curation of materials.”

How Much Should You Spend on Investment Luxury Shoes?

“If you are someone who is going to be attending a lot of cocktail or black tie events, I would say it’s wise to invest in a good classic black smoking loafer or black leather Chelsea boot which can range from $300-$900,” said Sereno.

“Classic Gucci loafers will retain their value through many decades, not necessarily one season,” Silver shared. “I remember when they were $200 to $300. No they are $600, but that’s a safe investment. Louboutin also has a good resale value but they are expensive to begin with.”

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