Broke With Expensive Taste? Expert Tips for Men on How to Get the Luxury Shoe Look on a Budget

What Makes Shoes Look Expensive?

“The texture — matte finishes are always great, like faux suede; you can’t tell the difference,” explained Cole. “Matte leather finishes are better. Anything too shiny can appear plastic-looking or has a blatant pleather look. Last is the structure and detail of the shoe. When it has a little extra seam shaped nicely on it and the shape of the sole is structured, it automatically screams expensive.” Cole recommends spending no more than $150.

“A nice leather or exotic skin looks more luxurious, but it doesn’t mean comfort. It’s no different from a woman wearing a heel from the car to the event,” said Cameron Silver, “king of vintage” and fashion director for the H by Halston and H Halston brands. “Swarovski crystals or something embellished — they are luxury flourishes in a shoe,” added Silver. “I have some that are over the top, but less is more I’ve learned.”

What’s the Top Shoe Silhouette That Screams Luxury?

“Penny loafer — it’s very preppy Southern gentleman,” Silver advised. “A Chelsea boot never goes out of style, but not pointy. A beautiful lace-up loafer is elegant and sophisticated.”

“An embroidered loafer can look very high end. It’s classic, it can be worn dressed up or casual, and a Chelsea boots is super sexy,” Cole said. “No socks on a loafer and perfectly tailored pants is so high fashion.”

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