Best Tips & Tricks Setting Up Your Camera For Street Photography

For the most part, I like to use a small aperture (large depth of field) between f/8 and f/16 when I can. Sometimes I have to shoot at f/2.8 due to the light, or it will look pleasing for certain shots, but I always prefer to use as small an aperture as possible to make sure enough of the scene is sharp.

With fast moving scenes you will often miss the focus slightly, and with a large depth of field, this will mean that the shot will be saved in these cases. In addition, there will often be scenes with an interesting background (context can be very important for street photography) or multiple subjects at different depths. With a small aperture, you will have to worry less about getting these subjects sharp.

To have a fast shutter speed and small aperture, unless the light is incredibly strong, you need to raise your ISO. Don’t be afraid of this – the grain/noise looks fine and it will be more than offset by your photos being a lot sharper in general. I typically use ISO 400-800 in sunlight, 800-1600 in light or dark shade, and 1600-6400 at dusk into the night.

Aperture Priority versus Shutter versus Manual Mode

The next step is to choose Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual mode. If you are comfortable and good with any of these modes, you can use them for any situation. But I find it beneficial to switch modes depending on the situation.

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