Best 8 Quick Tips to Transform your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a growing passion/obsession at the moment, and it’s no surprise. Humans are intrinsically linked to the great outdoors, and with more and more of us spending more and more of our time in dingy offices it’s unsurprising that people are craving nature.

Add to that the increasing supply and decreasing cost of camera equipment, including the fact that everybody carries their smartphone around, and it results in millions of landscape photographs being shared every single day.

But how can we stand out from the crowd of Instagrammers and Tweeters? Simple – We just need to improve our own landscape photography and make sure that it’s better than the rest.

If you haven’t read out beginners guide to composition yet, I’d recommend doing so. And then we’ll dive right into these quick tips to improve your landscape photography!

1. It’s All About the Light

Get up early – Stay out late. That’s the mantra of the successful landscape photographer. Light is the single most important thing in photography, which is quite obvious really considering that without light there is no photograph.

However, it’s not just the presence of light that’s important. The quality of that light plays one of the most important roles in landscape photography. We are generally aiming for light that brings out the best in our subjects, often illuminating it in a soft glow and ideally lighting up the sky in a gorgeous palette of pastel shades.


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