Best 8 Electric Cars Recommended To Buy

You’ve heard and read a lot about solar PV systems for your home and how great they are. Thanks to today’s technology, you can be green on the road too! Today’s top electric cars come with lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking, electric motors, and can be charged anywhere at anytime for ultimate convenience. While this seems to be a standard in electric cars, each one has its own individual look and style with its own unique features. Each car helps the environment so pick the car that is best fit for you. Below, i m has picked the best EVs with a wide variety of models on show. Here are the 8 best electric cars recommended to buy.

Tesla Model 3

Very much still relevant for 2020, because most customers are still waiting for their right-hand-drive car to arrive. Patience is a virtue: this car is still worth the wait, despite all other brands starting to catch up. It just shows you how ahead of the curve Elon Musk was. The Model 3 still stands out for its futuristic interior, helpful satnav showing range left and viable charging points, software upgrades that turn the indicator sound into Father Christmas’s sleigh bells, and for Tesla’s superfast-charging public points which make other electric drivers envious. Keep the faith, people.

Vauxhall e-Corsa


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