Best 10 Easy Chicken Recipes

Since chicken is such a staple, we’ve rounded up our easiest recipes, all of which require minimum prep and are on the table in no time. Bookmark this page to ensure you always have fuss-free dinner inspiration to hand. Chicken &

chorizo jambalaya

Officially our most popular chicken recipe, a hit with BBC Good Food users and staff members alike – this is one of our go-to one-pots when we have people coming over for dinner at the last minute. It teams chicken with flavoursome Spanish chorizo, takes only 10 minutes to prepare, and it’s a healthy choice. All those five-star ratings make a whole load of sense now… Try our chicken & chorizo jambalaya.

 Home-style chicken curry

Chicken curry
Another much-clicked recipe, this rustic curry demonstrates how authentic Indian-style food can be achieved in next to no time. Don’t be put off by the long ingredient list – a lot of the components are everyday storecupboard spices. The recipe even comes with a video that talks you through every single step. Don’t say we’re not good to you… Try our home-style chicken curry.

Mustard-stuffed chicken

Mustard stuffed chicken
A true dinner dash, this recipe is ready in half an hour and requires only five ingredients (two of which are cheese, which can never be a bad thing). All you need to do is cut a slit into chicken breast, stuff with mustard, mozzarella and cheddar, then secure the whole thing with rashers of bacon, like pretty porky ribbons around a present waiting to be devoured! Try our mustard-stuffed chicken.

Chicken parmigiana

Another 30-minute feast, our recipe for this Italian-American bake is designed to be healthier than your average cheese-fest. It uses low-fat mozzarella and plenty of tomatoes, while the Parmesan crumb offers a hit of umami flavour. Serve with pasta, potatoes, bread or salad. Try our quick and healthy chicken parmigiana.

20-minute harissa chicken traybake

Harissa traybake
All-in-one chicken traybakes are a great cheat’s supper on those nights when you’re all about minimum effort for maximum gain. This spicy harissa chicken bake, with tomatoes and olives, is one of the fastest traybakes we have, plus it requires the bare minimum of ingredients. Serve with speedy couscous for the flashiest of fast food. Try our chicken with harissa & tomatoes.

Italian chicken burger

Italian chicken burger
Why faff around moulding mince when a ready-filleted piece of chicken is essentially a ready-made burger? The fun happens when it comes to marinades, coatings and dressings, and if you’re against the clock, punchy pesto adds a more-than-sufficient hit of flavour. These breaded burgers with Parmesan crumb and melty mozzarella are ready in half an hour – and that includes homemade polenta chips to serve on the side. Bellissimo! Try our Italian-style chicken burger & chips.

Pomegranate chicken with almond couscous

Pomegranate chicken
This recipe neatly demonstrates the unsurpassable flavour absorption qualities of chicken – here we jazz up a pack of mini fillets with tagine paste (or harissa) and pomegranate juice, resulting in a vibrant pink melee of North African-inspired joy. The flaked almonds add crunch, and the couscous could be swapped for vegetables if you want to pack in a portion of your 5-a-day. Try our 20-minute pomegranate chicken.

Cheat’s chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev
This recipe takes an hour to cook, but it’s oh-so worth the wait (and it’s actually pretty speedy considering a whole bird is involved). The Kiev butter can be made in advance to save time, and the salt rub boosts the flavour of the crispy chicken skin. The garlic butter is added during cooking and at the table, ready to melt its allium-rich goodness over the finished product – because everyone needs more molten garlicky butter in their life. Try our quick roast chicken with chips and Kiev butter.

Chilli chicken wraps

Chilli chicken wraps
From souvlaki to fajitas, grilled chicken in a soft, floury bread wrap never fails to please. Our Indian-inspired roti rolls are packed with chutney, yogurt, fresh herbs and garam masala-doused chicken, plus plenty of red onion and fresh chilli for the requisite heat. Serve with plenty of napkins and a bottle of ice-cold beer. Try our chilli chicken wraps.

Moroccan chicken one-pot

Moroccan chicken one pot
We know you love an easy one-pot, and this picture-perfect tagine-style stew couldn’t be easier. Key to its success are two important components – firstly the tomato paste used to fry off the base ingredients, then the fresh and bright toppings that lift the whole thing to another dimension.

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