A Nutrition Expert Reveals Why Eating More Often Makes Us Look Better

For many of us, diet is a four-letter word that sounds like punishment. It is associated with giving up sweets and many foods you enjoy, feeling hungry and deprived, and eating only healthy products. But that’s not really true.

According to Michelle Adams-Arent, a sports nutrition consultant, diet is not just about limiting your intake of foods; it is mainly about distribution of these foods between meals throughout the day.

How often should we eat?

Different diets have different ideas on what we should eat and what we should avoid. Some of them recommend that we give up fried foods and sweets; others require a person to eat only proteins or only fruits and vegetables. All these food deprivations, however, can cause us harm, if not physically then certainly mentally. Actually, it is not so important how much we eat, but when we do this.

Our body is designed so that each time we eat a meal we get a certain amount of energy. If this energy is not spent in the time it should be, it converts to fats and gets accumulated in the body.

But if we eat small portions that don’t keep us full for long, then our body won’t store any fat from those meals. As a result, we can eat whatever we want (within reason, of course) and still not gain weight.

“As strange as it may seem, eating 6 meals a day is better for weight management than eating 3 meals,” says Michelle.

A Nutrition Expert Reveals Why Eating More Often Makes Us Look Better

When we eat every few hours in small portions, we absorb many more useful substances from food, and our body is more willing to lose the weight. However, the quality of our diet is still very important: you won’t become healthier by eating, say, six hamburgers a day. So make sure to consume more healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables.


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