A Nutrition Expert Just Said This Is More Important Than Losing Weight

A nutrition expert has devoted his time and attention to health and wellness issues. He even helped to create national guidelines for treating and preventing obesity. But Hill is leading the charge in rethinking what we believe to be a healthy lifestyle, suggesting that taking a holistic approach to wellness is of the highest importance—even more so than simply losing weight.

“Wellness is still a rather vague concept with no clear definition and no definitive method of measurement,” Hill said in a statement ahead of the keynote address he gave on Sept. 28 at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

He urged people to “consider the advantages and disadvantages of a focus on wellness, as well as issues of definition, measurement, and method of change.” The problem, as Hill sees it, is the separation of the different aspects of wellness and the trend of people focusing their efforts on one thing—diet and exercise, for example—as the answer to their problems.

Hill says this singular approach simply isn’t working. Considering the fact that the adult obesity rate in the United States is 42.4 percent—the highest rate ever recorded, according to the Trust for America’s Health 2020 report—it’s clear something is amiss.

“As a country, we’re just not well. We’re suffering from so many of what I call lifestyle-related chronic diseases,” Hill recently told Healthline. “I think we definitely need a concept like wellness that can unite obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and so on.”


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