A Case For The Unconventional Case: Why Round Cases Shouldn’t Be Your Only Go-To

So if you’re in the market for a watch but are a bit bored of looking at regular, old, round watches, here are some other case shapes that might interest the unconventional horologist in you.

Cushion: Thinking Out Of The Box

Dressy, stylish and eye-catching, watches with a cushion-shaped case should be chosen by those who don’t like to veer too far into unfamiliar territory. These watches are square-ish with rounded sides and maybe softly-rounded corners, or as some people like to say, they are shaped like a ‘squircle’! The first watch to make use of this innovative shape was the Panerai Radiomir in 1936. Panerai has incorporated this interesting case shape time and again since then, and that has given the brand’s watches a chunky, masculine appeal that sits well with those looking for a bold timepiece that looks meaty on the wrist.

The Watch Guide

In my opinion, cushion-shaped watches sit more comfortably on the wrist, thanks to their rounded edges. A variety of diver’s and dress watches have made amazing use of the cushion case, and that makes cushion-shaped watches quite versatile.

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