9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

You need a timer for this test. Lift your leg up so that the hip is parallel to the floor and start the timer. If you can stand like this for 20 or more minutes, it means you have minimal risk of having a stroke or developing dementia. And vice versa: if you have trouble maintaining balance on one leg, it might indicate problems with vessels of the brain.

5. Carpal tunnel syndrome

9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

This test can detect a professional problem of office workers, artists, and bikers — carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lift your hands up so that your forearms are parallel to your face. Try to reach the base of the palm with the tips of your fingers. If you can do this for 1-2 minutes, you are fine. But if you have tingling, numbness, or pain in your wrists or fingers, this can be a sign of tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome appears when the neighboring tissues press on the median nerve. The pain and numbness will only get worse without the proper treatment.

6. Diabetes

9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

In order to do this test, you need help. Ask a partner to take a pencil with an eraser. Get them to touch your foot and toes with the sharp end of the pencil and with the eraser, in turns. Can you tell which side of the pencil touched you without looking?

If you don’t fully feel the touch, it means that the nerve endings on your feet don’t function properly. Low sensitivity can be an indicator of diabetes.

7. Arterial problems

9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

While lying on the floor, put your feet up at a 45° angle and keep them up for several minutes. Now, evaluate the color of your feet. Really pale (almost white) feet and toes indicate very bad blood circulation. The change in color can be seen in both feet or in just one.

Peripheral arteries deliver the blood to the limbs. And when the arteries get clogged, the muscles don’t get enough oxygen and unpleasant symptoms like numbness, pain, and others may appear. This condition is called peripheral artery disease (PAD) and it’s hard to notice the symptoms in the beginning. If left untreated, PAD can lead to heart attack and stroke.

8. Hearing

9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

In order to do this test, you need to be in a quiet room. Put your hand close to your ear and rub your fingers together. Do you hear the sound? Then, put your hand as far from your ear as you can and rub your fingers together again. Can you still hear the sound? Congratulations, your hearing is alright. Don’t forget to do the same with the other ear.

9. Predisposition to developing cardiovascular diseases

9 Simple Medical Tests to Check Your Health Right Now

In order to do this test, you will have to leave your house. Climb a ladder (8-12 steps) while singing a song. Or you can talk on the phone or read something. The most important thing is to talk. If you feel your heart pounding and you can’t breathe well, it means that your cardiovascular system and lungs can’t handle the physical activity.

We want to remind you that self-made tests can’t replace the professional opinion of a doctor. And if you have any symptoms that are worrying you, you should see a doctor immediately.


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