9 Great Third-Party Complications to Take Your Apple Watch to the Next Level


Streaks Apple Watch

If you want to improve your good habits and get rid of the bad ones, you should try Streaks, whether you have an Apple Watch or not. Streaks is an application that helps you make a list of tasks you want to do each day, which will be of great help to build good habits over time.

Whether you want to start doing yoga, walk the dog more often, or read more books in your spare time, you can register up to six different tasks. It even integrates with the Apple Watch and the Health app so you can keep track of any health-related progress you want to make.

The complication on the Apple Watch is as simple as it is helpful. It consists of a series of points: if they are white, they mean that you have completed your task. If they are gray, this means that you still have pending tasks, and they motivate you to finish them. There’s nothing better than having a bit of accountability when creating a new habit, and Streaks will remind you what you need to do every day to accomplish your goals.


Rules Apple Watch

Rules! is a very entertaining memory game, which will come in handy when you have some extra time to kill. The game gives you instructions such as “descending order,” and you have to press series of four squares following these instructions. The challenge is that the instructions accumulate, and you have to remember them in order, a bit in the classic Simon fashion.

The app includes a complication that shows you what level you are at, the score you have, and your goal for the day, and another small complication, which shows an icon of the game’s robot with a circle that will be completed as you get closer to your goal.

Dataman: Data Usage

Dataman Apple Watch

If you are concerned about burning through all of your data too soon, Dataman is the application for you since it lets you check the percentage of the data that you have spent at any time. And now, you can use it on your wrist. You can quickly look at your data consumption at a glance from your Apple Watch. You can watch real-time tracking and see an intelligent usage forecast that predicts if you’ll stay within your data cap.

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