9 Great Third-Party Complications to Take Your Apple Watch to the Next Level

The Apple Watch comes with a bunch of complications that will help you in your everyday life – from tracking your Activity goals to keeping your Reminders at hand right when you need them. These complications are great, but they don’t cover everything you might want. If you want to boost your productivity, have extra tools when you travel, or just want to play some silly games, then you should try these great third-party complications for the Apple Watch.

Lifesum: Diet and Macro Diet

Lifesum Apple Watch

If you’re serious about dieting, an app can help you improve your chances of succeeding, and a great option is Lifesum. What’s great about the app is that it can help you lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain it. Lifesum is an app that helps record what you eat and the exercises you do daily. It helps you make better eating decisions and improve your eating habits.

This app isn’t just great for losing weight but also for controlling what you eat and optimize your nutritional intake. The Apple Watch app and complication will let you know if you haven’t had enough to eat today and shows your energy state for the day. If you are “stable” or “too low” and tap on the text, it sends you directly to the app to give you some solid advice that you need to eat or drink something. It might even tell you that you need some exercise depending on the situation.


Citymapper Apple Watch

Citymapper is a must-have app to commute in an urban environment. Find out how to get from point A to point B, and show all the necessary information to reach your destination. With Citymapper, you’ll be able to plan your routes easily, receive information in real-time about arrivals, departures, service interruptions, and weather – everything you need to find your way around the city. The application works in many cities worldwide, including London, New York, or Mexico City. The Apple Watch includes a complication that tells you what train you can take, when it arrives and where to catch it.


Streaks Apple Watch

If you want to improve your good habits and get rid of the bad ones, you should try Streaks, whether you have an Apple Watch or not. Streaks is an application that helps you make a list of tasks you want to do each day, which will be of great help to build good habits over time.

Whether you want to start doing yoga, walk the dog more often, or read more books in your spare time, you can register up to six different tasks. It even integrates with the Apple Watch and the Health app so you can keep track of any health-related progress you want to make.


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