9 Effective Ways to Make Your Digestive System Run Smoothly

When we eat a lot of cabbage, we can have cramps and gas problems. This happens because of sugar that cannot be digested by our stomachs. But by doing certain yoga poses or sleeping on the left side, you can improve circulation and digestion. Let’s not forget that our emotional state also has something to do with this. In fact, high levels of stress or anxiety can disturb our digestive system, as studies have shown.

We put together 9 simple but effective ways to improve our digestion that all of us can do daily, and our bodies will surely thank us later.

1. Water helps with constipation

9 Ways to Make Your Digestive System Run Smoothly

Water helps break down the food that we eat so that the body can absorb needed nutrients better. Despite the general belief that it’s not good to drink water during a meal, this is actually not true. Water helps digestion and it’s also very helpful if you suffer from constipation. Drinking it during a meal can also influence the size of your portions.

2. Try the 4-7-8 breathing method

9 Ways to Make Your Digestive System Run Smoothly

It can manage our food cravings, improve sleep, decrease anxiety levels, and control emotional responses. All you need to do is inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 more, then release it completely by the count of 8. It’s recommended to do this 4 times in total.

Remember to listen to the things your body is trying to tell you. If symptoms like bad cramps, stomach pain, or severe bloating persist for several days, you should always consult your doctor.


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