9 Best Ways to Optimise Your Travel Photography Editing Workflow

Every time I come back from a travel photography trip I am amazed by just how many photos I’ve amassed in a few short days. Photos that I now have to edit. This is why this article is all about travel photo editing tips to optimise your travel photography editing workflow,making your life easier when you come back with pocketfuls of SD cards.
You can apply these tips to any software you use. I tend to use Adobe Lightroom for my daily photography editing needs, so that’s the software I’ll be using in this article.

1. Backup Everything

To me, this is one of the fundamental travel photo editing tips. The first thing you must do. Losing an entire SD card is one of my recurring nightmares. Or damaging the card, or corrupting an entire hard drive.
Moral of the story, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and backup everything.

Screenshot of a hard disk and backup space icons
If you usually travel with your laptop, use it to download your photos from the SD card and save the raw files. It’s good practice also save them on another external hard drive. And you should leave the files on the SD card until you have at least two copies of those raw files.

If you do not travel with your laptop, you can use different devices to do the same backup job. A tool that I find very useful since I hardly travel with my laptop is the Rav Power All-in-1 Filehub.

This Filehub allows me to insert an SD card and a USB hard drive via a WiFi connection. In this way I can view the files on the SD card and on the hard disk and easily transfer files from one to the other. Besides, it is also a 6000mAh powerbank so I can recharge my mobile phone if needed.

2. Import

Once you have all the images of your trip secured, it is time to import the images. The import phase is an operation that allows us to tell editing software where to find the photos you are going to work on.

Taking as reference Lightroom CC Classic. the import process will show you 4 different choices.


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