8 Powerful Habits of the Most Healthy and Productive People

As humans, we’re creatures of habits. Habits are important because they engineer how we act, think, and feel in particular situations. They can guide us into success and happiness towards our biggest dreams and goals. Or, they can lead us to frustration and disappointment about never reaching those dreams and goals.

If you’re looking to maximize your health and productivity, start with these ten powerful habits:

1. Become familiar with your “why.”

Every superhero journey, space saga, business pursuit, or artistic endeavor starts with a “why”. It all starts with knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Luke Skywalker didn’t save the galaxy and defeat the empire just because. Batman didn’t protect Gotham just because. Steve Jobs didn’t help create the iPhone just because. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t just create Facebook just because.

Once you have your motives, this provides your gasoline and courage to continuing on the journey even during those inevitable tough days.


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