8 Physical Signs You’re Going Through Hormonal Imbalance

Sadly, by the time some people realize it, things took a turn for worse, but they cannot deny that there were certain changes in their body, which at some point or the other would have caught their attention.

When should you see a doctor?

During my recent visit to OB/GYN for a general check-up, I asked her about how come people have symptoms of flu, viral infections, common ailments come right up, but things like hormonal imbalance, cancer etc., go unnoticed until very late.

Way of body telling us

She told me that our body has its own way of telling us that things are not going the natural way and requires an external force to deal with it.

Warnings of hormonal imbalance

Warnings of hormonal imbalance

According to her our body at first tries to deal with things on its own, when it fails to control, it sends out internally to warn us, like irregular period, abdominal cramps, mood swings, etc. (in this case), when it’s not treated on time, our body gives up, and eventually the symptoms start occurring externally.

Physical symptoms of Hormonal imbalance

She was listing me all the things which generally happen to people when their body goes through hormonal imbalance. Here’s the list of eight physical signs, which lets you know that your body is going through hormonal imbalance.

1. Thinning of hair

Thinning of hair

It all starts from head to toe, the brain first tries to send the signals from the point that is closest to it, i.e. our hair. Unlike the common loss of hair strands, you’ll find you hairline thinning and losing out hair in chunks. Some or the other part of your scalp will lose its hold on the hair and would start showing up. That’s your first signs.


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