8 Morning Tips That Will Save You If You Don’t Have Time for a Shower

We all know what it’s like to have to get somewhere so early that you don’t even have time to get breakfast on the go, let alone jump in the shower. It’s terrible, because you feel unclean and as if everyone knew you didn’t shower. But it turns out there might be a quick fix for this issue. Greasy hair and that sweaty smell can be shaken off even without having to go through that revitalizing morning ritual that we call a shower.

We has some tips for early birds to get to wherever they’re going even when they can’t shower (or for night owls that couldn’t wake up on time). At the end of the article, we also added a bonus explaining why showering every day might not be in your best interest.

1. Apple cider vinegar tonic

9 Morning Tips That Will Save You If You Don’t Have Time for a Shower

Mix a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, (you might want to use organic vinegar), and spray this toner on your hair or skin when you suddenly realize you’re having one of those mornings and when there’s no time to even take a quick shower. Apple cider vinegar can help restore your skin’s pH and help your hair look radiant even if you didn’t wash it that day. Don’t worry too much about smelling like vinegar. The smell will go away once your hair is dry.

2. Fabric refresher

9 Morning Tips That Will Save You If You Don’t Have Time for a Shower

To keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh during the day, even if you didn’t have the opportunity to take a shower in the morning, you can always spray a little bit of fabric refresher on them before putting them on. This product is generally used on the upholstery of armchairs or on curtains because it helps to eliminate bad smells and maintains a certain sensation of freshness. This technique can make you will feel more comfortable during the day.


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