8 Expert Tips For Painting Furniture

If there’s one thing that can transform a simple piece of furniture into something spectacular, it’s a fresh coat of paint. Michael Penney, decorator, stylist and owner of two home decor shops in Whitby, Ont., happens to agree. He recently launched a furniture paint line with Fusion Mineral Paint that’s inspired by his love of the East Coast. “I get inspiration from all the colors I see in nature and by the seashore when visiting places like Kennebunkport in Maine,” he says. “They have a lot of soft blues, greens and things that are time worn and feel sort of beachy.”

“If the walls are neutral, which in most cases they are, pick an accent color for your furniture that isn’t found in anything else in your space – something that throws off the predictability of your color scheme.”
Figure out what colors make you happy — this could be by using tears from design magazine or bookmarking things on Pinterest. Then, use this palette as a starting point for your key spaces. “Throw to the colors you love and that you respond to,” says Michael. “I’ve always been drawn to blues and greens and watery colors. ‘Seaside’ is a wonderful, rich hue with tons of pigment that I love for it’s moody, muddy quality.”

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