8 Easy Ways to Ease Bunion Pain Naturally

Despite what many people think, high heels are not solely responsible for the creation of bunions. Genetics and heredity are also to blame. Obviously wearing high heels often can make the problem even worse, but there are solutions you can use to decrease the pain naturally. Surgery should always be a last resort after you’ve tried everything else.

We would like to provide some assistance on how to treat bunions and all the unpleasantness that they bring to your feet. Don’t miss the bonus part about how you can choose the right shoes for your bunions.

1. Use a tennis or lacrosse ball.

8 Ways to Ease Bunion Pain Naturally

A very simple exercise you can use is to place a tennis or lacrosse ball on the floor and start rolling your foot over it back and forth. You can repeat this movement for 3 or 5 minutes on each foot. Even if one of your feet doesn’t have a bunion, you can still perform the exercise. This will be very relaxing for your feet by relieving excess cramping.

2. Try to pick up a towel using only your toes.

8 Ways to Ease Bunion Pain Naturally

Another simple exercise you can use is to place a towel on the floor, grab it with your toes, and pull it toward you using only your toes. You can repeat this exercise 5 times and you can either be standing up or sitting down. What this toe movement will do is strengthen your feet and keep your toes flexible.


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