8 Best Place That Take Holiday Spirit To The Next Level

New year, new travels! Given that we’re on the brink of not only a new year but an entirely new decade, there’s no better time to travel far and wide than this year – after all, it’s never too early to get started on your New Year’s resolution of traveling more this year. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to visit in 2021 – and the list includes cities that range from top foodie destinations to places that are making their marks as up-and-coming cultural hubs. If you’re looking for more of a family-friendly beach resort or a relaxing weekend getaway, we’ve got you covered for that, too.

Whichever kind of vacation you desire for yourself in the new year, pick one (or more) of these top destinations of 2021, pack all your best travel gadgets, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Check out our list of the 10 best places to travel in next year below – and be sure to book your flights and get packing ASAP.

1. Yellowstone, Wyoming

Oh, y’all wanted a twist? Number 1 in your hearts it may remain, but according to our algorithms, Yellowstone dropped to number six in terms of visitors in 2019, despite growing from 4.1 to 4.4 million visitors. To be clear, we have the utmost respect for Yellowstone—we made a massive travel guide for it and I nearly died testing its best hiking trails! Imminently beautiful in all weather and all seasons, Yellowstone boasts peerless geological features you’ll find nowhere else. It’s also perfectly accessible to all manner of explorers—many of the park’s most iconic attractions can be seen on a scenic drive.

2. Clearwater Beach


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