8 Best Landscape Photography Tips

The best landscape photographs can take you right back to where you once stood. We sat down with globe-trotting adventure photographer Chris Burkard to find out just how he captures those award-winning snaps (and how you can too!).

Chris Burkard brings us through his 8 best landscape photography tips that you won’t want to leave home without.

 1 Watch for the Golden Hour

This is the very best time of day to shoot. As the sun sets, the light grows softer and is not as harsh on your subjects. Colors are more vibrant. Contrast is greater. And the light can create a dramatic environment, making it the perfect time to get creative with your shots. Have fun with silhouettes, shadows, sunset shots and angles.

But they call it the golden hour for a reason so be sure not to waste any time — the sun always seems to set faster than you expected.

Chris Burkard photo of man laying on large chunk of ice at golden hour

2 Create Perspective With People

Including a human element in a landscape photo offers the viewer perspective and helps them relate to the grandeur of the setting. This approach helps the viewer physically engage with the photo by placing themselves in that frame as if they were there. It also clearly shows the scale and dynamic of the landscape in comparison to the person.

Looking for bonus points? Keep an eye out for bright and vivid clothing — it helps clearly define the subject to stand out in the landscape.


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