7 Ways to Become a Master in Competitive Programming

There are many people for whom programming is like a haunted dream. Programming is nothing but an art of talking with machines and telling them what to do, when to do, and why to do. Most of the students hear this word in high school. For many of them programming starts with ‘C’ and ends at ‘C’. There’s no problem in choosing any specific programming language but getting stuck at some well-known codes or the codes required only for the exam clarification is futile.

The coming era is the age of technology. And here comes in picture the art called “competitive programming”. Competitive programming is an advanced form of programming which deals with real world problems. Here we see our code ruling the world. But writing such a code requires dexterity with passion.
We know that a code is basically our logic behind any problem in high level language. But logic alone is not sufficient in writing a perfect code.

It requires deeper understanding of technical terms like complexity, syntax, and the art of creating big solutions through shortest codes possible. All this can be achieved only through practice. But if practice fuses with a good guidance, it explodes into a masterpiece. This goal can be achieved through the following simple steps:

1. Get thorough understanding

First of all study all the concepts of the programming language deeply. Always use standard books. Today many online platforms are available where geeks from all around the world share their knowledge and try to make the concepts easier.


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