7 Strange Things About Ufos That Happened in Last Year

Discussing about UFO will never end. However, on this occasion I will share some strange things about this mysterious creature. Here are 7 strange things about UFO that happened last year.

1. Mysterious creatures discovered

On 6 February the NZ Herald reported that an Auckland man was baffled after his mother discovered alien-like looking creatures on her kitchen floor. The man, Tim Clerke, shared a video of the weird creatures to Facebook, asking people if they knew what they were.

One person responded that it could be miniature bats, another said it could be mutant mice, but Clerke thought it was something more alien-like. However insect expert Eric Edwards said it was possible the unknown specimens could be rat-tailed maggots but wasn’t entirely sure. The mysterious creatures have still not been identified and so the debate continues.

2. A UFO sighting?

In March a bizarre ‘UFO’ sighting at a west Auckland beach left a couple terrified. A person was at Karekare Beach on 31 March when they saw strange lights in the sky, Newshub reported. The person posted to Reddit: “We were on the beach, my boyfriend and I, and saw two bright orange/red lights far on the other end of the beach.

“In a matter of seconds, one of the lights started moving at full speed, in a straight line, no more that 200m above the water until directly in front of us.” The person said after two minutes the strange object moved away, but then they spotted five more objects surrounding them at the beach. They fled and then posted to social media to ask if anyone else had had a similar experience that day.


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