7 Steps to Clean Toxins From Your Liver, Kidneys, and Bladder Naturally

Your liver, kidneys, and bladder are all important organs, but people often overlook them in the long run, and it can end up biting them in the back. You might be lucky enough to have 2 kidneys, but keeping them healthy can literally save your life. We have some simple tips that will keep your body healthy for years to come.

We has collected some of the most important tips to help keep your kidneys and bladder toxin-free! Don’t forget to check out our bonus where we give you a surprise tip!

1. Cut back on salt and soft drinks

Many of these foods have become part of our daily diets, but in reality you should only eat them in moderation. This includes coffee, soft drinks, salt, and very high-protein foods. Try to have a mini detox every few days and take a break from consuming these foods around twice a week. As seen above, you can even find unsalted versions of your favorite salty foods.

2. Indulge in more tea, water, and cranberries

That said, food is not your enemy, as there are plenty of foods that you can add to your diet to help with lowering toxins in your body. These include drinks like green tea, ginger tea, and pure water. Adding more fruits and veggies to your diet, especially cranberries and brown seaweed, can also help in this regard. Remember, fruits make for an easy breakfast, dessert, and even a snack! Try to cut out the middle man and make your favorite fruits like cranberries into tea too!

3. Take your vitamins

There are many supportive herbs that also help with keeping your kidney healthy like vitamin B-6, omega-3s and potassium citrate. All 3 of these herbs can help you reduce your chance of developing kidney stones. Many of them can also be added through easy-to-take multivitamins or multiminerals.

4. Remember to balance your mental and physical health

Stress isn’t only annoying, it can also take its toll on your body, even harming your organs. A simple meditation routine such as breathing exercises can help you to manage your stress; breathing well also helps to oxygenate your whole body. Another simple treatment called hydrotherapy uses water for pain relief which can help your circulatory system as well as give your body and mind some much-needed rest.

5. Try a 2-day kidney cleanse

Once you’ve already incorporated these healthy tips into your everyday lifestyle, a nice cleanse can really work wonders. Here is a sample of a 2-day cleanse. Remember to consult your doctor or medical professional about changes to your diet to ensure that a cleanse is right for you.

  • Breakfast: For your first meal of the day, try drinking a simple juice with fruit such as beet juice with dried cranberries or a smoothie, preferably one made with spinach.
  • Lunch: For lunch, you can try another smoothie. If you don’t want to drink your first 2 meals of the day, you can also have hot millet cereal instead, adding your favorite fruit to it.
  • Dinner: For your final meal of the day, a nice salad can do the trick. Start with mixed greens as its base. You can add your favorite proteins which can be lean meats or tofu, a nice lemon drizzle, or your favorite fruit – but be careful not to overdo it.

6. Try Kegel exercises for your bladder

It might surprise you that there are ways you can help your bladder, but there are. Dr. Arnold Kegel developed these pelvic exercises in 1948 to help women with stress urinary incontinence, especially after childbirth or menopause. If done regularly, they can help to prevent bladder leakage.

It’s simple, just contract your pelvic floor muscles and then relax them, hold each for a count of 10. Do 30 of them, 10 while standing, 10 while sitting, and 10 while reclining. Perform this action 3 times a day, which adds to 90 contractions a day. Make sure your bladder is empty before doing them. And since nobody can see you do this, you can do these exercises while going through your daily routine.

7. Exercise your liver

There are a few exercises that can also help your liver. You can feel your liver by pressing up and under your ribs on the right side. You can press it, rub it, or lightly thump it 100 times a day to keep it healthy. In addition, you can also try trunk twisting, where you turn your trunk left to right around 15 times on each side, to help your liver. As seen above, daily stretches, done for about 5 hours a week, can do a world of wonders for your liver.

Bonus: Here are some smoothie recipes!

We mentioned that smoothies can help you take care of your kidney health, so here are some recipes that can help you start. Mix one cup of almond milk with half a cup of tofu and half a cup of spinach, as its base. Now, add some fruit to the mix, like berries, apples, or even pumpkin seeds. Another recipe involves one cup of soy milk, one frozen banana, and half a cup of spinach for its base, Once again, add your favorite fruit. Adding spirulina can also help!

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