7 Grip Strengthening Exercises That Will Make You Better At Your Sport

One key thing for this exercise that I see a lot of people struggle with is grabbing the dumbbells correctly. Don’t let it just sit in your fingertips, have a strong grip on the handle so that it is engaging all of the muscles needed to strengthen grip. When you let it go to the fingertips instead of having the full grip on the weight, you are losing activation of the grip strengthening muscles you need to be working.

2. Sled Pulls with a Towel

This is a great exercise not only for your forearms, but also for lower-body strength, core activation and overall GPP work. Grab a sled and hook up a rope attachment or towel to the end of the harness. Load up the sled and hold on tight; this will get tough fast. You will proceed carefully with a backwards walk with a slight hinge in the hips and slight bend in the knees. Make sure you are in a clear path when doing this exercise.

3. Pull-Up Hangs With a Towel or Fat Grips

This exercise is brutal if you’ve never done it before. You may only be able to hang on to the towel for 20 seconds but remember you have to start somewhere. Try to increase the time each time you do the exercise! If you’re using fat grips, you can increase the difficulty by removing a couple fingers from your grip. Try to work up to hanging by just one finger! You better try mastering the towel first though, as it is quite a challenge.

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