7 Grip Strengthening Exercises That Will Make You Better At Your Sport

When it comes to training, many unique pieces of equipment can aid us in gaining strength in the forearms. One piece of equipment that has been included in multiple studies is something called fat grips. These can be added to a dumbbell or barbell to mimic a thicker grip, which makes it harder for the muscles and in turn can lead to more muscle activation.

Now I get that all gyms may not have a thick bar, so that is why I would recommend grabbing a training tool like fat grips or even wrapping a towel around the bar to increase the thickness. That gives you a few options to experiment with.

How Many Sets/Reps Should I Do for Grip Work?

A smart range for most grip exercises is about 2-4 sets with about 15-20 reps in each set. The first two exercises are a loaded carry and a drag, so they do not fit this typical structure. Instead, you’ll have to do some experimenting to find the right distance for you. Now, let’s get into seven grip-strengthening exercises that will enhance your sports performance.

1. Farmer’s Walks with Fat Grips

For this exercise we will be using our fat grips. However, if you do not have a set of fat grips, then you can wrap a towel over the handles to increase the thickness of the grip.

You will start by picking up a set of dumbbells with the grips already on. You will then keep your core braced and tight to help the spine stay stabilized and prevent injury. This is also a great core movement! You will walk about 50-100 feet. If you’re up for a challenge, try walking anywhere from 500-1,000 feet! I also like to do this for a max distance and try getting a little farther each time I go.


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