7 Everyday Habits That Can Reveal Hidden Aspects of Your Personality

Each person has their own preferences and everyday rituals. We rarely think why they have such habits. We are used to seeing them as very ordinary actions whereas scientists claim that our habits (which may seem quite random) can actually tell a lot about the parts of our personalities we try to keep hidden.

We has prepared a list of 7 common habits and found out which of our secrets they can reveal. At the end of the article, there is a very interesting bonus that will help you tell the difference between fake people and genuine people.

1. Organic food

People who don’t eat harmful food and choose food of high quality without hormones and pesticides are more inclined to judge other people. They are usually less altruistic and very subjective towards others.

The leading author of the research explains the results this way: “People think that they did a good thing and now they have the right to be unethical in the future. It can be compared to visiting the gym, running several miles, and then thinking that now you can eat a chocolate bar.” The same goes for people who eat organic food. They give themselves certain points which they can spend later on some unethical actions.


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