7 Coolest Electric Vehicles We’re Most Excited to Drive

It seems like only yesterday that TopGear trio was cracking jokes about electric cars, calling them kitchen appliances, strong contraceptives, ugly, slow, and ultimately destroying one of them with a C4. Good times…

It took an almost-IronMan to turn the board around with his Tesla cars, by showing that EVs can be sexy-looking and above all, faster than some dinosaur-fueled dinosaurs. So here’s seven really cool and sexy EVs you can buy today.


What Tesla has done to supercars, Rimac has done to Tesla, and then some! And that really is all you need to know. It looks great, it goes like hell and it destroys pretty much anything, save for Richard Hammond. That one backfired!


And here it is. The beast slayer. The comet to petrol dinosaurs. The car that started it all.

If any car ever had it all, this is the one. For the first time in history electric vehicle had a decent range, so you could go places. Because the drivetrain is just a skateboard, the body could’ve been anything, and with the Model S, it’s a gorgeous sedan with enough room to sit 7 people. On a crash-test, it earned 110 out of 100 points, and on a drag strip, it annihilated the supercar royalties.

Model S showed that EVs are cars of the future, and are better in every way. It’s the most refined, the most desirable electric car in the world, and it’s so damn sexy!


I would love to have put the Model X on this spot, but despite the falcon doors, infotainment easter eggs and the performance, I just find it too damn ugly. I-Pace, on the other hand, is just the opposite.


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