7 Best Tools to Make Android Compatible with Apple Gear


When I set up the sync, my music didn’t upload automatically, and I needed to start the upload manually. To do this, click on “Add music” in the top-right corner. Drag your Music folder (and any other folders where you have music) into the Chrome tab and the upload will start.

To access music on your phone, you’ll need to download the Google Play Music app (free). Open it and tap on My Library—you’ll see all of the music that you uploaded from your computer. Navigate to the album that you want to download to your phone, tap the pushpin icon, and it’ll start downloading. You can also just play the album without downloading it first – it will stream live straight to your phone.

Stream to AirPlay Devices: AllCast

If you’re looking to stream music, photos, or video to your AirPlay device, AllCast (free) has you covered. You can easily stream to Apple TV, another AirPlay-enabled device, and even stream directly to Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic smart TVs.

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