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Get Your Music Anywhere: Google Music

Because a lot of the syncing done between Apple devices happens via iTunes, it’s really easy to get your music from your computer to your iPhone. It’s more difficult when you have an Android phone, but it can certainly be done.

In addition to a number of other apps that sync iTunes with Android, Google has made it possible to sync through Google Play Music. You can upload your entire music collection—up to 20,000 songs—to their servers, where you can easily access and download them on your Android.


To get started, go to Google Play Music and sign in (assuming the service is available in your country). Once you’ve signed into, you’ll see a button on the top-right side of the screen that says “Upload music.” Click this button, and you’ll be prompted to download the Google Play Music Manager.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Chrome, but you don’t have to—just close the new tab and return to Google Play Music. To choose the folders you’d like to Sync, click the cog in the top-right corner and then Settings. Under “Music From This Computer,” you’ll be able to choose the folders that you’d like to sync to Google Play Music. Click “Add or remove folders” and choose the folder(s) where you keep all of your music (usually “iTunes” or “Amazon Mp3”). Now, whenever you add music to one of these folders, it will be automatically uploaded to Google Play Music, ready to be accessed on your phone!

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