7 Best Supplements To Enhance Your Running Performance

If you are experiencing a change in your running habits, it might be a deficiency to blame. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are not only common, they are highly likely for someone who is expending a lot of energy, sweating a lot in the heat, and not keeping up with the nutritional demands that most runners put on your body.

If you are an endurance or moderate runner, to maintain your athletic health, it is essential that you replenish what you lose. For runners, supplementation with these 7 vitamins and minerals are essential.

1. Protein

For endurance or moderate runners, protein supplementation is integral to your athletic and overall health. Even if you are eating the right foods, for those who hit the trail hard, nutritionally speaking, it is nearly impossible to get all that your body needs.

Protein is necessary for the muscles to repair the micro-tears that occur from strenuous exercise. If you aren’t getting enough, you might be more prone to injury, experiencing more sore days after a vigorous run, or even notice hair loss.

Athletes require as much as 1-1.6 grams per kilo of weight per day. If you aren’t eating that much in your diet, then supplementing with protein shakes is an excellent way to make sure that you are getting all that your body requires.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are not only important for your gut health, they are essential for your immune system. To reduce the number of days that you are benched because you just don’t feel good, or you have stomach issues, probiotics is key.

Probiotics contain good bacteria that your gastrointestinal system needs to reduce the breakdown of the gut’s barrier. Leaky gut is a condition where the guts barrier is weakened and can lead not just to stomach problems like indigestion, but it can also rob the immune system and disallow the body from absorbing essential nutrients.

After all, even If you are eating the right foods, if your gastrointestinal system can’t absorb them, then you aren’t going to get all that you need. Taking probiotics every day will help you maintain a balanced system all the way around.

3. Electrolytes

As the summer heats up, supplementing with electrolytes is imperative, especially if you are running outside. Electrolytes are the ions that are dissolved in water that create a positive or negative charge.

In the body, the way that neurons talk to one another is through chemical impulses. If you are lacking in electrolytes, it might become impossible for your neurons to communicate with one another.

Electrolytes balance the intercellular and the extracellular region of the cell. If there isn’t a balance, it can lead to muscle weakness, soreness, or fatigue, in minor instances. If you are deficient enough, it can lead to blood pressure problems, heartbeat issues, and other serious health consequences like increasing your risk of stroke.

Since electrolytes are found in all bodily fluids, when you lose them through things like sweat and tears, you have to replenish what you lose. For those who sweat excessively, there is a lot of loss that needs to be recouped.

Make sure if you are losing lots of fluids that you are replenishing with electrolytes to balance the body, instead of just focusing on drinking water to keep you hydrated. Be cautious of sports drinks that advertise electrolytes.

If they are loaded with sugar they will produce an insulin crash. Also, if they don’t contain enough electrolytes, they will do you very little good.


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