7 Best Meditation Techniques to Practice at Work (to Boost Productivity)

Meditation is nothing new. And it doesn’t require anything that you don’t already have in this exact moment. That’s the beauty and simplicity of meditation-there’s nowhere to go, nothing to own, nothing to lose, and everything to gain by finding stillness during a chaotic day at work.

As a coach and licensed therapist who frequently teaches mindfulness techniques to clients, I wanted to write a brief article on tips that my clients find helpful when learning how to meditate. Read the list below to discover seven ways to practice mindfulness meditation at work.

1. Use a popular meditation app for a quick refresher.

There are many great meditation apps to try. I recommend downloading several free apps until you find one that feels like a good fit. When working with clients, the first two I recommend are Insight Timer and Headspace. Headspace is great for beginning technique and Insight Timer has many incredible free guided meditations for a wide range of experiences and expertise.

2. Before jumping into your task list, take five minutes to count your breaths.

As little as five minutes can make a big difference in your day. One of the easiest ways to engage in mindfulness meditation is to focus on the breath.

Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Now take natural, even, rhythmic breaths. While you’re breathing in, count one, when you breathe out, count two. Once you get up to the count of 10, start over at one.

This simple meditation technique is excellent for beginners and individuals that want to develop razor-sharp focus.


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