7 Alarming ‘Invisible’ Skin Cancer Signs That Everyone Should Know About

5. Areas of numbness

Skin cancer can affect your nerves and may even cause numbness. Don’t ignore numbness; like others, it is a symptom that could indicate any number of underlying conditions. But if it occurs in conjunction with other symptoms, then take it seriously and see your doctor.

6. Blurry vision

Skin cancer can affect the pigment-producing cells in your skin. If you develop a melanoma in or around the colored cells of your eye, you may suffer blurry vision as a preliminary symptom.

“You might also see pigments or discolorations in the iris of the eye,” UCLA’s Dr. Davis added. If blurry vision is impeding your ability to get to the doctor, then enlist the help of a friend or family member. You’d do the same for them.

7. Breathing difficulties

Difficulty breathing, unlike some of the more common invisible symptoms of skin cancer, is always alarming. It may not seem intuitive to link difficulty breathing to a red flag for cancer, but as cancer spreads, it can provoke some surprising symptoms.

Shortness of breath, a hoarse throat, or a persistent cough could indicate any number of things, but among them is skin cancer. Be sure to get it checked out as quickly as possible.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, then do right by yourself and head straight to your physician. Information is power.


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