6 Ways to Protect Your Health When Sitting at Work, Recommended of Specialists

Office jobs have typically required employees to spend a lot of time on the computer. There are emerging work fields outside of a traditional office that has many of these same requirements. Today many people do remote work such as working from home, especially where a computer is a primary tool. Nevertheless, it can lead to weight gain, back problems, and some other health problems that you really should avoid.

We collected for you the recommendations of specialists on how to properly sit at work so that there are no health problems.

1. Leg pain

6 Ways to Protect Your Health When Sitting at Work

Don’t cross either your feet or your legs. It worsens blood circulation, squeezes veins, and causes discomfort in the form of numbness and restless legs syndrome.

The first thing you need to do is adjust the chair. Your feet shouldn’t hang, and the edge of the seat shouldn’t press under your knees. Place your feet on the floor or a special stand so that your legs are bent at an angle of slightly more than 90°.

2. Back pain

6 Ways to Protect Your Health When Sitting at Work

  • The depth of the chair should match the length of your hip. If you sit on too large a chair, put a pillow under your waist to partly take the load. Otherwise, you’ll slide down, and this will lead to tension and pain in the back.
  • The chair should have a comfortable back with a natural curve so that the back isn’t in the form of a question mark.
  • Don’t rush to change position if you feel uncomfortable. Let your muscles get used to the correct posture. Some of them will relax, and the pose will become comfortable, but it won’t happen immediately.

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