6 Scary Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Grilled Foods

Increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes


One walk down the marinade section of the grocery store, and you will see tons of pre-made options to flavor your steak or chicken. While some can be a healthy choice, others are loaded with sodium and sugar. Eating too much sodium puts a person at risk of high blood pressure, and too much sugar puts a person at increased risk for diabetes. Grilling too much marinated meat may mean that you are eating too much salt or sugar without even realizing it.

Increased Inflammation

grilled chicken thighs

If you are opting for grilled meats cooked at high heat instead of sticking with plants, you may be setting yourself up for other issues in your body. A by-product of grilling meats is known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs), or glycotoxins. As food is grilled and the AGEs multiply and are then ingested, data suggests that this can lead to increased levels of inflammation. Too much inflammation is linked to development of many chronic diseases, including certain cancers. In addition to grilled foods, beware of these 14 Inflammatory Foods That Cause WeightGain.

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