6 New Features You Should Know in Apple’s iOS 15 Update

Apple is still updating iOS 14 regularly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about iOS 15. Like it does every year, Apple is expected to unveil iOS 15 at WWDC 2021. We don’t know for certain what we will see in iOS 15, but continue reading to browse the list of six things you’ll want Apple to include.

Improved Home Screen Layout

iOS 15 Home Screen

This is another must-have for larger iPhone Max models. The grid layout that is ideal for smaller iPhones doesn’t suit the larger iPhone Max models. There is so much wasted space below the bottom row of icons that it is embarrassing. Apple can stick with its grid layout if it wants, but at least let people customize their Home screens so they can shrink the icons, add new rows, and better utilize that wasted space.

More Choices for Default Apps

iPhone and Apple Watch Apps

Starting with iOS 14, Apple lets you change the default apps for email and the web browser. It’s a feature iOS users have wanted for years. Now that we have a taste of this customization, we want more. We hope Apple expands this feature in iOS 15 to include other apps like Maps, Notes, and maybe Reminders.


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