6 Most Biggest Myths Propagated About Black American History

Many historians have argued that slavery somehow saved many Black people from the primitive “Dark Continent” of Africa. Yet, Africans were succeeding far before European intervention. Black History Month. Before Europe’s presence on the continent of Africa, dynasties and civilizations characterized by wealth and power could be found throughout the continent. In this post, we will discuss about 6 most biggest myths propagated about black american history.

George Washington Carver Only Invented Peanut Butter

Carver was not merely “The Peanut Doctor.” While he did discover over 100 different uses for the peanut, he was a brilliant botanist, chemist, inventor, scientific researcher and artist. Born during the Civil War, Carver transcended the oppressive social structure to become the first Black student to attend Iowa State University.

He was later hired by Booker T. Washington to run the agricultural department at Tuskegee Institute. Under Carver, the department produced pioneering research pertaining to plant biology and helped to maintain financial stability among the sharecroppers in the area. Carver was also a member of the British Royal Society of Arts and an agricultural adviser for President Theodore Roosevelt.


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