6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

Flooring Options

Changing the look of your kitchen floor is easy when you opt for click-together flooring or marmoleum tiles. Marmoleum is similar to linoleum in appearance, and is sold in bundles of tiles. Mix and match marmoleum tiles in different colors or patterns, or opt for a more traditional look by installing a neutral colored floor.

To install the marmoleum, just apply the recommended adhesive to the tiles, and glue the tiles down in the desired pattern. Another option is to use click-together flooring. Click-together vinyl flooring is easy to clean and care for, and is installed on top of the existing floor.

Change the Theme

Trends in home decor change frequently. One of the easiest ways to change the appearance of your kitchen is to toss old items in favor of sleek, modern choices. Stainless steel canisters, bamboo dish drainers and light muslin dish towels are just a few options that are popular today. Opt for a theme that you really love to ensure your new kitchen decor stands the test of time.

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