6 Best Features in the New iOS 11 App Store for iPhones

Scince its debut 9 years ago, the iOS App Store has always had roughly the same functionality: Featured apps, categories, top charts, a search function, and a place to update your apps. But starting with iOS 11, that’s all changing — drastically.A new Today section full of curated content and lists makes discovering apps a breeze, and tons of visual changes combine to make this one of the biggest App Store updates ever.

There’s a lot that’s new in the new App Store redesign on your iPhone, and we could name drop every new tweak that’s in there, but we’re just going to focus on the best new changes that you’ll enjoy. There are some possible negative features, such as auto-playing videos, but we’re just going to stay positive here.

The ‘Today’ Section

As soon as you open the iOS 11 App Store, you’ll notice the biggest difference. You’ll start out on a new Today tab, which does a great job of showcasing new apps and games while mixing in some editor’s choice lists and other useful content.

New and noteworthy apps and games will get cards dedicated to them in a beautiful, vertically-scrolling list. When you tap one of these entries, you’ll be taken to an article about that app or game, where Apple’s provided content such as reviews and feature tours. Mixed in amongst these are curated lists that will be updated daily and fit certain themes.


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