5 Exciting Events Still Happening At Tesla

Elon also said that the truck will have some innovations that no other truck has right now. This has led many people to try and guess what those will be — everything from adjustable truck bed length to different ways to use the tailgate. At the Model Y event earlier this year Elon gave a small teaser on the screen when everyone was walking out to see and go for a ride in the Model Y.

A long light will go the length of the front of the truck. Many people think that it is the headlight. I think it might be the way to get into the frunk, or the front trunk. It might open like a drawer and drop down like a front tailgate — a different way of using storage in a more massive truck that will be higher off the ground.

Battery – Powertrain Day

Tesla Battery and Powertrain Day

Battery and powertrain day for investors will be later this year. Hopefully sooner than later but it will be after the pickup truck unveil event. Elon said at the last shareholder meeting that they will be holding a conference like the autonomy day event for investors. In this event, they will be talking about the new batteries and the new motor technology coming in the future for Tesla. They will talk a lot about the Maxwell tech for the new battery cells.

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