5 Exciting Events Still Happening At Tesla

We don’t have much details about Tesla happenings. But without details, we can only speculate on what they will be, Model S and X refresh, Tesla Pick up, Maxwell batteries and more.

Tesla insurance

First and the one that should be happening next month is Tesla Insurance. Elon and Tesla owners have not been happy with the price that insurance companies quote for Tesla vehicles. The Model S and Model X are some of the highest to insure. My Model S insurance premium is almost double what my Model 3 is.

At the Tesla shareholder meeting last week, Elon said that they were waiting for one more acquisition to happen and they would be able to move forward with the Tesla insurance program. Not sure if they are buying an insurance company or technology but exciting none the less. This is the one I can’t wait for.

Tesla Pick up – Model P

Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser

This summer, Tesla will be unveiling the much anticipated Tesla Pick up truck. Elon is very excited about this truck. I think he has put a lot of personal design time into it. In the past, he said that the truck would look like no other truck on the road, and not everyone will like it. “Straight out of a Syfy” movie were his words. Could be very interesting.


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