5 Best (Free!) Sites for Managing your Finances

Managing your finances, keeping your expenses in order, and planning (and sticking to!) a budget can be tough, especially when things get busy. So we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite personal finance sites that do everything from tracking your spending to helping you get out of debt to managing your bills for you (yes, please). Best of all, they’re all free. Read on for the best online tools to help you up your financial savvy, meet your goals, and save you some time, too.

1. LearnVest

This all-in-one financial site—with a mission of empowering women to take control of their finances—takes the cake as the best site to help us “get informed, get organized, and get support.” Our favorite feature: Its articles, courses, tools, and experts are targeted specifically to where you’re at in life.

Recent grads can take a personal finance bootcamp and build a budget, financially savvy women can get expert tips on taxes and investments (there’s a small charge for this feature), and the money-troubled can learn how to get out of debt. And everyone can get fun-to-read articles on current financial events, tips for frugal living, and advice on the best accounts and credit cards.


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