5 Best Features of macOS Catalina, Upgrade Right Now

There’s plenty to explore in the new operating system. It features the ability to turn an iPad into a second display plus new Music, Podcasts, and Books apps while new security features will keep you better protected and there’s also Voice Control so you can control your Mac with your voice. Here are five features you should know about, and why you should definitely upgrade.

Screen Time

Apple Screen Time app on MacOS Catalina

Managing your family’s screen time is now quite a bit easier that the Screen Time app has finally made it to macOS Catalina. Catalina’s updated Screen Time app allows users to not only set App Limits on the macOS device but all of your Apple devices.

This app lets you set Communication Limits to help stop your children from talking to strangers online and generates reports that showcase how users spend their screen time. The app also boasts a One More Minute feature to extend your screen time once you reach the limit.


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