20 Secret and Hidden Features in iOS 15 That Will Turn You Into a Pro iPhone User

Apple has debuted a new Focus mode in iOS 15 to let you separate your personal and work life in terms of apps and their notifications.

By default, Apple offers multiple Focus profiles such as Home, Work, Driving, etc., to choose from. One can also go ahead and create a custom focus profile based on their requirements.

Simply open the Control Center and long-press on Focus mode. Select + at the bottom and choose Custom from the following menu. Here, you can give the Focus profile a relevant name, icon, color, choose people and apps you want notifications from when the Focus is turned on, enable/disable Time-Sensitive notifications, and customize the home screen just for that specific Focus profile.

We have seen people creating custom Focus profiles for Writing, Coding, Yoga, Running, and more.

4. Smart List in Reminders

This one is one of our favorite additions in iOS 15. Reminders List is getting a new add-on called Smart List. And yes, it really is smart and delivers an ample amount of automation to play with.

While creating a list, you can turn it into a Smart list by setting up rules based on location, flag, priority, date, time, and priority. Only reminders containing the filters will be shown inside this Smart List.

We have created a Smart List for grocery items and added a set of Flag and medium Priority rules for the current month. Whenever we create a task or reminder that fulfills the added conditions in the grocery Smart List, it will automatically be added to the grocery list in the Reminders app.

We can’t wait to see how users utilize it once iOS 15 launches later this year.

5. Drag and Drop Across Apps

This one is another hidden iOS 15 feature that’s useful in specific scenarios. Let’s say you are writing an email and you want to attach a picture from the Photos app.

Instead of adding the image from the Mail app, you can open the Photos app, long-press on the image, keep it in a floating position with one hand. Use another hand and open the multitasking menu, select the Mail app, and drop the image there to send in the email.

Using the drag and drop trick, one can also move text, weblinks, and videos from one app to another.

6. Check Image EXIF Details in Photos App

iOS 15 finally allows users to view image details such as location, time, size, and more from the Photos app.

Open the photo in the Photos app and tap on the ‘i‘ button at the bottom. In the screenshot below, we opened a photo that was sent on WhatsApp, and the image was captured by DJI Mini 2.

You can see from where the photo was saved, date, time, camera MP, resolution, image size, ISO, capture speed, aperture, and location attached to the photo. One can also manually adjust the date and time for the photo.

7. New Timer Picker Menu

Instead of endlessly scrolling in the time picker menu to select the specific time, you can now tap on it and add time using the number pad on the keyboard. It is one of those hidden iOS 15 features that has a big usability impact.

8. Enable iCloud Private Relay

Private Relay hides your IP address and Safari browsing activity from network providers and websites so that no one, including Apple, can see who you are or what sites you are visiting.

It is basically a stripped-down VPN service on offer. Private Relay is only available with paid iCloud plans. You can enable the options from Settings > Profile > iCloud > Private Relay menu.

9. Create Tab Groups in Safari

create tab groups in safari

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