20 Secret and Hidden Features in iOS 15 That Will Turn You Into a Pro iPhone User

Although Apple did a great job highlighting the upcoming iPhone features that are likely to appeal to most people, lots of amazing new iOS features weren’t mentioned at all during the WWDC21 keynote.

We did some digging to find all the hidden gems that will make you into a pro iPhone user.

1. Enable Widget Suggestions

iOS 14 introduced widgets support on the home screen in iOS 14. Apple is further building on that experience in iOS 15 by adding widget suggestions to the widget stack menu.

If you have multiple widgets stacked on top of each other, iOS 15 will offer a widget suggestion for the stack based on your usage and preference.

Simply long-press on the widget and select Edit Stack. Enable Widget Suggestions toggle from the following menu. In our couple of days of testing iOS 15, we kept getting the Siri suggestion widget in the widget stack on the home screen.

2. Apply Wallpaper in Safari

add wallpaper in safari

Safari is getting a few UI makeover changes with iOS 15. Apart from now tab switcher, multi-tab, and pull to refresh, users can now add wallpaper of their choice or select from the built-in wallpaper collection to jazz up the browser look upfront.

Open Safari and scroll down to the bottom. Select Edit and enable Background Image toggle from the following menu. Either select a wallpaper from suggested options or add a new one from the Gallery using the + button.

3. Create Custom Focus Mode

create custom focus mode


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