17 Best Photo Tricks and Essential Gear In Travel Photography

Who doesn’t love travelling. Experiencing new places, cultures, languages, you name it! For us photographers, it’d be a crime not to bring our cameras along for the ride. Travel photography is wondrous and magical on the surface level; but dive behind the scenes and you’ll discover it holds a unique set of challenges.

Since bag space was a dwindling resource, it made for a bit of a headache making way for camera gear. From practical packing, media management, gear security and more, there’s a lot more to consider while taking photos on the road.

During this recent trip there was a lot I learned about shooting while travelling. After a lot of trial and error and 20/20 hindsight, I’ve discovered a few great tricks that dramatically help me shoot photos while on the go. To save you the time, I’ve compiled a list of 17 tips that truly help make travel photography a little bit easier.

The Best Lenses To Bring While Travelling

Your biggest gear consideration is lenses. Which lens will you use the most? What’s the most practical? These questions really boil down to the style of your photography.

For me I often shoot with my Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 which covers a wide range of focal lengths, all while working great for low light and astro. A true all in one package and my easy must have! If you are unsure, a safe bet is always to bring a wide angle zoom lens.

Often one lens doesn’t satisfy all your needs. Since I knew I would be in the mountains, I’ll want those close shots of mountain peaks in the distance. My Canon 70-200mm F/4 will do just the trick.

I would suggest packing two lenses just to have the options out in the field. The first lens choice should be your go to lens at home. The lens that typically lives on your camera. Something that is highly versatile and will get the job done for the bulk of your photos. Any fast(wide aperture), wide angle zoom lens is ideal!

The second lens should compliment the weaknesses of your primary lens. In my case I needed something to shoot at long distances and offer extra compression. The 70-200mm did just the trick. Again, it all comes down to what kind of photos you’re hoping to capture. With two lenses, you should be able to cover most focal lengths and apertures.

I find zoom lenses are best for travelling since you can pack several focal lengths into a single lens. They are far more efficient than prime lenses while on the go.

So for all you prime users out there… do yourself a favour and leave them at home when shooting travel photography.


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