15 Scariest Museums In The World That Are Worth Seeing Once In A Lifetime

3. Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Boscastle, Cornwall

This small harbourside museum explores the history of British magical practice, and claims to have the world’s largest collection of occult exhibits. On display are ritual chalices, potions and talismans owned by prominent figures in the occult world, and other items related to folk and ceremonial magic, freemasonry, alchemy, the pagan religion of Wicca and the witch trials of hundreds of years ago.

4. Old Operating Theatre, London

The Old Operating Theatre, Herb Garret

Scared of hospitals? Nosocomephobics will shudder on entering this surgical theatre, the oldest in Europe, which predates anaesthetics and antiseptics. Accessible via a narrow 52-step spiral staircase, it is in the attic of an early 18th-century church on the site of the old St Thomas’ Hospital, and once also served as a herb garret used by the apothecary. There are original wooden and metal operating tables, several rows of seats once used for students viewing operations, alongside old and somewhat horrifying medical equipment on display used in cupping, bleeding and childbirth.

5. British Dental Association Dental Museum, London

A collection of 30,000 items from the history of UK dentistry that’s enough to set your teeth on edge. A selection of the artefacts, some dating as far back as the 17th century, can be seen in a small cavity of an exhibition space at the BDA HQ in Marylebone, central London. Exhibits include ancient dental chairs, dentures (such as an 18th-century set made from real teeth), drills and torturous-looking equipment, alongside toothbrushes and retro oral hygiene products.

6. Pitt Rivers Museum, Shrunken Heads room, Oxford

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

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