15 Must Have Mountain Bike Accessories When You Head Out

So there we were… staring at Jaime’s mountain bike. Her pedal snapped off the crank, and we were tool-less, gear-less and totally out of luck. Fortunately, this only happened a 1/2 mile from the house, but it really knocked some sense into us. We suddenly realized mountain biking is just like backcountry skiing. You need to gear up, and be prepared for the worst and shoot for the best. After our rookie realization, we reached out to our local bike shop to help create this list of the fifteen must have mountain bike accessories that are essential to ALWAYS bring on a ride.

Before You Hop On The Saddle

When it comes to must have mountain bike accessories, the first thing to consider is how long of a ride are you planning to go for. Depending on if it’s a one-hour sprint, four hour loop, or a twelve hour excursion, the amount of items you need to bring is going to change. For example, if it’s a quick one hour ride, you won’t need to worry about fueling as much. The goal is to keep the amount of items you bring as light as possible, but at the same time, be ready if problems arise.


One of the major issues that happens out on the trail is getting a flat. From rocks, stumps, bumps, sticks, and twigs, there’s a good chance something will happen. Without a pump, you’ll be stuck in neutral! Picking up a small pump is easy, right? Wrong! There’s MULTIPLE sizes, so how do you choose? Similar to Goldilocks and the three bears, you need to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Well, you can go with the smallest pump available, but if you do get a flat, you might be there for a LOOONNGG time trying to pump it up. But if you get the biggest one, you can pump up the tire quicker, but it’ll be a lot heavier to carry. For us, we picked the middle size one. It’s big enough to pump in air quickly but not too heavy to carry for the ride. No matter how long of a ride you go on, this is #1 on your must have mountain bike accessories unless you’re running tubeless.


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