15 Creative Cottage Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Rethink Where You Hang Your Art

Put up a narrow picture ledge in an unexpected place for a beautiful decorating moment. Using a picture ledge next to a standalone tub in the bathroom allows for easy shuffling and adding when new treasures are found.
Photographer:Alex Lukey

Source:House & Home August 2016

Designer:Margot Austin

Slipcover Your Sofa

This is one of my favorites because it’s so easy. I love the look of a white cotton canvas or unbleached linen sofa at the cottage, but no one wants to be worried about making a mess on the light-colored sofa, so make cleaning up a breeze by getting one made in a washable fabric.
Photographer:Virginia Macdonald

Source:House & Home April 2014

Designer:Youssef Hasbani

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